The Good Food Box

Established in 1995, the Good Food Box (GFB) Program provides fresh, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetable to hundreds of individuals and families each year. For a nominal fee, participants pay for a Good Food Box in the first week of the month. The box is packed through our main office located in Belleville and shipped to depots throughout Hastings & Prince Edward Counties. Delivered during the third week of the month, the GFB helps families stretch their food dollar, reduce their food costs and meet the nutritional needs of themselves and family members.

The Good Baby Box

Established in 1999, the Good Baby Box (GBB) Program is based on the premise that healthy babies become healthy children. This program provides the opportunity for families of infants and toddlers to access healthy, nutritious foods early in life. For a nominal fee, participants can purchase formula, diapers, and baby food on a weekly basis. Depots are located throughout Hastings & Prince Edward County’s so families can access the program in their own community.

Community Gardens

Established in 1994, the longest running program of theCDCQuinte, Community Gardens are a place where participants can enjoy the benefits of growing their own fruits and vegetables. Garden plots are available for a nominal fee to anyone who would like to participate. This is popular with families and individuals attempting to stretch their food dollars, apartment dwellers, or anyone who lacks the space to be a successful backyard gardener.  Community gardeners tell us that they like the spirit of cooperation, the opportunity to learn from others about garden techniques, and the health benefits and for exercise in a friendly, convenient social setting.


Community Kitchens

The Community Kitchens workshop is three hours in length, and participants learn how to prepare, cook and store their fresh fruits & vegetables. This is a hands-on experience, in which participants are assisting in the preparation of a salad, main course and dessert using items found in the Good Food Box. The participants then eat together, to enforce the value of how food can contribute to daily family life.

Want to participate in a kitchen? Send us an e-mail with your name, phone number and location; click here.

Good Food Market

A monthly travelling market where you can buy a variety of fresh, affordable, accessible and available fruits and vegetables year round!