Good Baby Box

 What is the Good Baby Box?

The Good Baby Box program helps families stretch their dollar, reduce food costs and meet the nutritional food needs of their infants and toddlers.  Participants can choose from a variety of food and baby care items such as jarred baby food, cereal, diapers, baby wipes, shampoo, and formula.

How do I Participate?

We have a Good Baby Box store at our office, located at 65 Station Street in Belleville. We also have Good Baby Box Depots throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.  Payment by cash or debit only, contact your nearest depot to inquire about payment options.

Click here”  for the location nearest you!

What is in the box?

There are three options depending on the age of your child:

Infant Box (0-6 months):  One package of 20 diapers, One specialty item* of your choicegoodBabyBox_06

Baby Box (Over 6 months) One package of 20 diapers, 6 small or 4 large jars of baby food, 1 Choice of Cereal, Cookies or Juice

Toddler Box (1-2 years): One package of 20 diapers, One specialty item* of your choice

*Specialty Item Examples: Wipes, Shampoo, Vaseline, Lotion, Soap


  • Good Start
  • Enfamil Lower Iron
  • Enfamil with Iron
  • Parent’s Choice with Iron
  • Parent’s Choice Lower Iron

How much does it cost?

Infant Box: $6.00

Baby Box: $10.00

Toddler Box: $6.50

Powdered Formula (Large Cans):

  • Good Start, Enfamil: $16.00/can
  • Parent’s Choice: $9.00/can

Concentrated Formula:  8 cans for $17.00 or $2.25/can 

Can anyone participate?

Anyone in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties with an infant/toddler can participate.

How much money can I save?

We have estimated the cost savings for a family in the first year of the child’s life would be $1,200!

Still have questions? Contact the Good Baby Box Coordinator, Bev Heuving, at: Contact Bev