Good Food Box

What is the Good Food Box?

The Good Food Box Program offers fresh, healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the retail cost. The boxes are available monthly, are packed in Belleville and shipped to Depots throughout Hastings & Prince Edward Counties.

How do I Participate?

You would come into our office or the Depot nearest you by the first Wednesday of the month, place your order and pay (cash or debit only, contact your nearest depot to inquire about payment options).  You would pick up your box on the third Wednesday of the month.

Click here” for the location nearest you!

How much does it cost?

There are three options to choose from:

$15.00 Large Good Food Box has larger amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables and is suitable for households of three or more people.

$10.00 Small Good Food Box has smaller amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables and is suitable for households of one or two people.

$5.00 Fruit Bag has a selection of various fruits and is a great “add on” to one of the boxes or on its’ own!

What is in the box?

The contents of the box changes each month according to what is in season and what we can get the best deal on.

Click here” for a list of contents.

Can Anyone Participate?

Yes! Anyone can buy a Good Food Box and there are no limits to how many you can buy!

How much money can I save?

We compared the price of the $15.00 Large Good Food Box at three  Belleville grocery stores. The average retail cost of the large box was $33.57.

We compared the price of the same box at a rural grocery store and the cost was $40.30.

As you can see, your savings are substantial!

Still have questions?? Contact the Good Food Box Coordinator, Jim Mallabar, at: Contact Jim