IMPORTANT: Good Market Bags can be ordered online only for those living in Belleville and Trenton. We will add other locations to the online store in the future. All other locations will continue to order by phone. Home delivery is an option for those with mobility or health challenges. Please call 613-968-2466 to arrange home delivery in Trenton or Belleville.

When are Good Food Bags coming to my area?
View the Good Food Bag service calendar

All orders must be in by Wednesday 11:59pm the week before we are in your area.

Large group or bulk produce orders?

If you are an agency or community organization looking to place a large group order or purchase produce in bulk, please contact or 613-968-2466.

Interested in ordering for multiple months?

If you would like to pre-pay for multiple months simply order the total amount that you would like for those months and indicate in the order notes (available on the checkout page) how you would like them split up. For example, if you would like to pre-pay for 4 months and would like 2 fruit bags and 1 vegetable bag per month, you would order 8 fruit bags and 4 vegetable bags and indicate in the order notes that this is for 4 months and that you would like 2 fruit and 1 vegetable bag set aside each month.

Help support our Running On Empty fundraiser!

As you are checking out what’s in your cart, check out the Running On Empty fundraiser. You can purchase a bag for another family as you shop or choose a custom donation here: RUNNING ON EMPTY.

And if you are unable to provide monetary support, please look for us online. Like, share, forward and tell everyone you can about us and this campaign. Thank you!

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