social planning

Through social planning and research, the Community Development Council of Quinte identifies urgent and emerging social issues and aims to heighten community awareness.

Good Food Box Report

A review of CDC Quinte’s Good Food Box Program. This research was conducted in 2016 and the report released in June 2017. This data offers an in-depth review of how the participants view and use the program as well as suggestions for improving the program.

Homelessness Enumeration

Final Homelessness Enumeration Full Report


This report summarizes finding of a homelessness enumeration conducted from April 17-23, 2018. The data found provides information about the characteristics and needs of people experiencing homelessness with the goal of helping improve how our community responds to homelessness and  take action to prevent and reduce homelessness. Read preliminary results here

Invest in Rural Resiliency

This report highlights the struggles of living in rural settings. Too often the reality is hidden poverty, food insecurity, transportation problems, homelessness and under- or unserved mental health and addictions challenges.

Community Food Assessment

This report summarizes the Community Food Assessment that was conducted in 2019 and released in November 2020. The aim of the CFA was to better understand the challenges and opportunities for improving the accessibility, affordability, availability, and adequacy of nutritious foods in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.