How You Can Donate To CDC Quinte

Through Canada Helps

We receive donations securely through Canada Helps via the button below or by typing “Community Development Council of Quinte” under their “Search by Charity” option.

Donate By Mail

Please make your cheque payable to: “Community Development Council of Quinte” and mail to: Community Development Council of Quinte, 65 Station Street, Belleville, ON K8N 2S6

What Your Donation Can Do:

A donation of $1.00/week: Provides water supply for one growing season to one garden plot so that a family can grow their own harvest to meet their nutritional needs and reduce costs

A donation of $5.00/week: Provides a monthly Good Food Box of fresh vegetables & fruit to a family of four

A donation of $10/week: Provides a weekly supply of diapers, baby food, and cereal for one baby for one year

If your company or organization would like to donate

You could consider the following ideas:

-Host a golf  tournament sponsoring the CDC of Quinte

-Hold a Good Baby Box product drive at your workplace

-Donate baby products such as diapers, formula, food jars

-Donate gas cards

If you have any questions please contact us for more details

Good Baby Boxes Distributed

Good Food Boxes Distributed

Good Food Market Participants

Community Kitchens Participants

Jennifer’s Story

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” ~Kathy Calvin

We want to tell you how your donation can make a difference by telling you about Jennifer. We met Jennifer and her 3 year old daughter shortly after the birth of her twin boys.  Jennifer had lost her full time job, and had decided to go back to school, with the goal of having a better job to support her family. Shortly after starting school, she had found out she was pregnant with the twins. The twins arrived 7 weeks early, and between travelling to the NICU for six weeks, having the added cost of formula and diapers, and the stress of school, she was very overwhelmed. In her own words:

“I didn’t qualify for maternity pay and wouldn’t receive my living allowance for 6 weeks. When I went in to CDC and saw the prices, I couldn’t stop crying. The extra savings made it possible to provide for my children. The program gave me hope and will help me accomplish my dreams. I tell everyone about the programs CDC Quinte offers. The kindness I have received will never be forgotten. Asking for help was very difficult, but recognizing I wasn’t alone made all the difference.”

Jennifer’s story is just one of many that we could tell you. We have people walking through our doors every day who are struggling…working 2-3 part-time jobs to make ends meet…yet still in poverty.  We know there is no point in encouraging people to eat healthier when they can’t afford to buy healthy food, or healthy food isn’t available in or near their neighbourhood. Our programs are increasing affordability, availability and accessibility of healthy food.  We know we are serving some of our most vulnerable and food insecure families in H&PEC. We also know it wouldn’t be possible without support from the community! We are asking you to partner with us by making a donation today.